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Management Strategy

This strategy is the result of the management plan developed during the process of inscription of the site on the UNESCO List in 2007. The plan describes means by which to protect this World Heritage long-term and to sustainably enhance it. This management strategy involves all interested stakeholders such as the population, the administration and the economic and civil communities who are all committed to the protection and the use of this World Heritage.


For our association, this strategy is compulsory in both coordination and implementation tasks. Objectives, policies and processes ensuring the protection of the World Heritage of Lavaux and promoting the sustainable development of the region from economic, social and natural perspectives are at the heart of this strategy.


The strategy and plan are both a result of a negotiation and amendment process. This ensures the definition and fulfilment of expectations for the World Heritage Site by turning them into actions. In order to achieve this goal, the strategy is based on four guidelines:


Guideline 1: Landscape and viticulture
Guideline 2: Culture, Education and Tourism

Guideline 3: Communication



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